Fossil Labs


Our development team is not just ahead of the technology curve, in many ways we innovate and help define the future. We maintain our own code library and are in constant conversation with regional design and development user groups, so that we can deliver effective solutions in an accelerated fashion.


Our discovery process is based on the foundation of agile delivery and rapid prototyping. We collaboratively build out the critical groundwork for your project. We use this time to establish clear project requirements, expectations, and success metrics before writing a single line of code. Discovery deliverables include a project charter, a product roadmap, user experience concepts, technical architecture, risk analysis, a release plan, and a prototype.

We work closely with key stakeholders to define important business needs. This enables us to focus on the critical end goals and the best route for getting there. Our expertise in high-level technical architecture allows us to quickly identify major functional areas, integration points and technologies.

Delivery Models

Our service delivery and pricing model is flexible and tailored to suit your needs. We specialize in three forms of service delivery.

Fixed Price Model (FPM)

Ideal pricing option when requirements are clearly defined. We will mock up a prototype of the final solution. Starting with the prototype as baseline we will document the solution scope and quote a fixed price and delivery schedule. We use a combination of rapid prototyping and agile development methodologies to ensure that we can meet our stated goals.

Time and Material Model (T&M)

This model is useful when requirements and project goals are not easy to define e.g. during the initial prototyping phase.

Client pays as per the number of person hours put in development and project management efforts. If the T&M model determines exact scope and the project allows the scope to be frozen, the model can be converted in to fixed price model.

Dedicated Resource Model

In this model, we will provide resources to work dedicatedly on your project and be the part of your development team, under your project guidance. All resources will be dedicated on your projects reporting directly to you on a daily basis. Typically, clients would choose this pricing option to quickly augment their project staffing needs.

Technical Expertise